Since its start back in 1981, in a small basement office in Tullinge, Sweden, Sigicom has grown into a world-leading supplier of remote field monitoring systems. With HQ still based in Sweden, and offices in the USA, France and the UK, Sigicom is now starting a new chapter by opening a local office which will handle sales, support and calibration for the Canadian market.

When Sigicom opened up its office in the USA, ten years ago, it was a major milestone in the company’s history. Sigicom’s CEO Torbjörn Rehnström now sees the opportunity to complete Sigicom’s already strong presence in North America.


– It’s a special feeling being able to take this step at the 10th anniversary of our US office. By entering the Canadian market we can continue our international success, says Torbjörn.


With the new office, Sigicom will have a stronger local presence and a chance to build long lasting relationships. For Sigicom’s current and future clients this means a local alternative for a robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective measurement system.


 Unlike many other companies, we are more than a supplier of measurement instruments. We deliver a complete monitoring system solution and strive to work as close to our clients as possible, so that we can reach a joint success, says Torbjörn.

Curtis McGrath, the newly promoted Head of Sales, is looking forward to grow Sigicom in Canada. Over the last three years, Curtis has helped businesses expand their vibration and noise monitoring services while providing solutions for the most demanding applications.

Historically, Canada has been a global leader in the field of vibration and noise monitoring. I am truly excited to bring the latest technologies in remote monitoring back to our market with an accessible direct to consumer approach. Our goal is to provide Canadians with turnkey solutions that use less resources to install and require fewer jobsite visits afterwards, says Curtis.


Sigicom is rooted in strong technical knowledge and staffed with team members with extensive industry experience gained through partnering with, listening to, and meeting clients’ demands for better measuring systems. Sigicom is driven to create better, faster, and more reliable products and services.


More information about our innovative, fully automated, and very user-friendly INFRA System, can be found here.


For more information, please contact your local sales representative.

Sigicom CanadaCurtis McGrath
Head of Sales Canada
Sigicom Canada Inc.
C: (970) 691 7721

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