Ett stort projekt pågår vid Szczecin Seaport i Polen, där den gamla hamnen renoveras och ett nytt hamnområde håller på att byggas. Michal Maj från Metris är anlitad för att utföra vibrationsmätningar i området.

A major project is underway at Szczecin Seaport in Poland, where the old harbor is being rebuilt and the production of a new harbor is in the works. Michal Maj of Metris is hired to estimate and measure how far from the construction site vibrations are propagating during the construction.

At the site, Michal has set up an array of INFRA V12 sensors connected to an INFRA D10 data logger. In one area, cabled sensors are not an option because of a railway line. Instead, Michal has installed wireless compact INFRA C22 vibration monitors.

The biggest advantage of using Sigicom’s products for this project is the easy mounting system. One anchor, one bolt, two buttons to push, and everything is just working! In only a couple of minutes the whole line of sensors is set up, Michal says.

Michal Maj

The quick and easy setup results in minimal waiting time for the piling company to start their work. Another positive aspect that Michal mentions is the long-lasting battery power. On a site where it would be difficult to use an external power source, the benefits of using instruments with a battery life of up to three months are undeniable.

Collecting Data Remotely

With Sigicom’s INFRA System, the projects can be monitored from anywhere in the world via INFRA Net. The operator doesn’t need to travel from site to site, going to each monitor or sensor. With INFRA Net they can easily analyze data, produce reports, and configure measuring points. For Michal, this recently became particularly important.

– I was at my home fighting a covid infection and had to ask my colleagues to install the sensors on site for the second phase of monitoring. The job went perfectly smooth, even without a big amount of knowledge from my colleague. He easily installed the sensors and started recording so that I could work and manage the project from my home, says Michal Maj.

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