The INFRA C22 Wireless Triaxial Vibration Monitor is an all-in-one datalogger and vibration sensor designed for up to 4 months continuous use.

How much time does your team spend setting up, checking, and recharging vibration monitors on construction sites? In a single year that adds up to considerable time and money, doesn’t it?

Recharge batteries every four months only

Now all your current field equipment can be easily replaced with one tiny triaxial wireless vibration monitor, specially developed for a long and reliable service life, even in the harshest environments. No wires, of course, and the built-in SIM card enables you to connect to a central controller from virtually anywhere in the world. And here comes the real game changer: You only need to recharge the battery every four months or so.

A built-in colour display shows your onsite team everything they may need to know. A stat of the art web application continually relays any alarms and other relevant data to the people in charge via e-mail or SMS. And INFRA Net for analysis and follow-up. Easy-to-use interactive presentations will guide you every step of the way.

There is more: You can easily manage and upgrade all your unit remotely. The built-in SIM card adapts automatically to virtually any telecom network in the world. How would all that affect your workday, and your budget?

This is no science fiction. Developed by Sigicom in Sweden, the INFRA C22 is the result of more than 25 years of leading edge IoT development. It is already proving its worth on construction sites and other sensitive environments around Europe and the USA.

INFRA C22 Wireless Triaxial Vibration Monitor