New generation INFRA equipment changes everything

The economics of field monitoring is, more than anything, related to the need for human involvement. This is why many vibration consultants will see the extreme battery capacity of the new generation of wireless INFRA monitors as a real game changer.

The widely appreciated C10 Wireless vibration monitor requires batteries to be changed every 5-6 weeks, while with the new C20 that interval is increased to 6 months or so. Furthermore, as the batteries are rechargeable, the new product minimizes the environmental impact as well.

But there is more to the new generation than battery capacity. Many customers will, for example, appreciate the built-in miniature screen and keyboard enabling operators in the field to check the status or adjust the settings on site. Needless to say, it will also be connected to the INFRA Net, web application.

“We were the first customers to try the new C20 monitor, and we’re pleased to notice that the display helps our customers when there is no GSM coverage. We also love the improved battery capacity, since replacing batteries during the winter months is costly for us” says Jan Mehren at the Norwegian consultancy company Nexconsult.

New future-safe platform

Importantly, INFRA C20 is also the first INFRA product based on Sigicom’s all-new technology platform. This means, for example, that the system will be able to distribute updated firmware remotely to instruments in the field. Like the new built-in GPS-function that will be ready for launch later this year.

The next product to be released on the new platform will be the three-directional C22, also estimated to be launched during 2017.

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