Polskt konsultföretag banbrytare – mäter helt digitalt

Metris measures vibrations with digital precision

More steel and glass, less bricks and mortar – but the ongoing modernization of the Polish construction business during the past 20 or 30 years goes way beneath the shiny facades. And sometimes the most noteworthy initiatives are taken by relatively small innovative companies, networking with international technology leaders.

One striking example is Metris, pioneering vibration monitoring, analysis and reporting in Poland by combining sophisticated geotechnical knowledge and end-to-end digital precision. Michal Maj is Master of Science in Geophysics, and Monitoring Manager at Metris Sp in Kutno. Part of the Danish-owned Per Aarsleff Holding A/S, Metris offers a range of geotechnical and other services for other companies within the Group as well as external clients.

In just 3 years we have firmly established digital vibrations monitoring on and around building sites around Poland”, says Michal Maj. “Many older buildings close to the sites are directly affected by severe vibrations, often resulting in both structural damages and potential health hazards.

Next generation monitoring

One vital part of Metris’ rapid growth is qualified analysis of monitoring data. Another is the systematic application of the most advanced field equipment. To this end, the company has invested in a large number of sophisticated INFRA C22 wireless triaxial vibration monitors.

Providing easy access to real-time and cumulated vibration data via the cloud, we help our customers work more safely and cost-efficiently. We already have more INFRA C22 monitors in use than any other company in Poland, and this makes a huge difference”, says Michal Maj. Longer service time in harsh conditions means a lot, also economically. End-to-end digital monitoring gives us more reliable and precise monitoring. And with four months battery life, and remote firmware upgrading we can use both the field equipment and our own time more intelligently.

On site, INFRA C22 – Wireless vibration monitor