Fjärrvärme renar en gammal huvudstad

Fortum is a leading energy company in Northern Europe with annual sales of 4.5 billon EURO. Company activities include the generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heat as well as the operation and maintenance of power plants. In the Stockholm area, Fortum owns transmission networks and delivers electricity, heating and cooling, power and gas to industry and private customers.

In the densely built-up parts of Stockholm, construction of new electricity cables and pipes for heat, water and gas must be carefully planned and implemented. Tunnelling means risks for damage to historic and vulnerable buildings as well as groundwater or earth level changes. In order to avoid these issues, Fortum has given Ansvarsbesiktning AB the responsibility for risk analysis, monitoring of blasting effects and data reporting to Fortum and the construction companies.

INFRA units almost anywhere
The INFRA system from Sigicom is used extensively in Ansvarsbesiktning’s operations. Measuring points are set up at all locations where a risk may exist. All measurement results are forwarded to the VIPNET database and reports are swiftly sent to managers and team leaders. VIPNET prepares reports that are adapted for both professionals and the public.

Fast feedback and no “Trial and error” saves a lot
INFRA sensors can be placed almost anywhere. Since INFRA sends measurement data promptly via SMS, blasting effects are presented to the team leader almost instantly after the round of shots. This gives him time to consider changes in the next drilling and loading phase. The overall result is less problems and more predictable results, which give substantial money savings compared to previous tunnelling methods.

Public relations – goodwill
In a competitive market, good public relations are good for business. Blasting and noisy construction work in densely populated areas is not popular. In order to be identified as a good company it is important to proactively provide information to the public regarding such activities. Mounting INFRA units on houses where frightened or otherwise concerned people live has proven to be an inexpensive way to maintain good customer relations.