Green Apple Gold for Northern Line Extension monitoring

In November 2016, a team managed by the Temple Group, as part of a FLO* consortium, was awarded the Green Apple Gold for its innovative use of Sigicom’s environmental monitoring system INFRA in the Northern Line Extention project.

This is a major development project for London’s underground system. When completed in 2020, the extension of the Northern line to Battersea will support 25,000 new employment opportunities and more than 20,000 new homes. It is the first major infrastructure scheme in the UK to apply a fully integrated monitoring system.

The project is demanding in more ways than one. From an environmental point-of-view it partly involves 24-hour construction in densely populated areas, which could cause considerable disturbance to residents. Any such disturbances could also challenge ambitious environmental goals set out by Transport for London.

Real-time reporting of noise, vibrations and air quality

Members of the FLO consortium had nominated the methods used by the Temple Group for noise and vibration monitoring to the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This is an independent non-profit organisation founded to improve the standing of the British construction industry by abiding to the organization’s code of practice. The project was nominated for the award specifically on account of the use of Sigicom INFRA System, an environmental monitoring system.

The INFRA technology is applied throughout the extensive tunneling project. Covering four different sites at a time, the all-digital and fully integrated INFRA system provided real-time, accurate and reliable data on noise, vibrations and air quality in the same system.

The information could be instantly shared with everybody concerned, internally and externally, for prompt action. The system also enabled the project to self-report on all these data for automatic also reporting and follow-up.

Should any elevated levels be detected, the people in charge would instantly receive a tiered alert, enabling them to assess the issue without delay. This is the first time a major infrastructure project has fully integrated such a system in the UK.

Independent best-practice award

The integrated monitoring system was managed by a team from Temple Group, a leading UK consultancy company. Temple staff are working as an integrated part of the FLO environment team. The awards are organized by the Green Organisation, an international, independent, non-profit, non-political, non-activist environment group, dedicated to recognizing, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.

* FLO = Ferrovial, Laing O’Rourke